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When choosing flooring materials, natural stone is certainly one of the most attractive materials to work with. Something that makes a natural stone floor so interesting and lovely is the fact that no two pieces of stone are the same. When natural stone is harvested from a quarry site, the larger portions get sliced into slabs and used for counter tops. Any lesser bits are sectioned into flooring tiles. Stone tiles can be polished for a shiny quality or left unfinished for a more natural appearance.

Stone Age Custom Flooring Warehouse has a huge variety of stone flooring goods. We carry just premium quality stone products. In an industry where excellence has to be the most essential aspect, Stone Age is the top dog. With connections in numerous nations throughout the world, we have the capacity to be choosy. Our product control abilities, along with our purchasing ability, allows us to offer these natural stone tiles to our clients at the lowest possible prices.

Natural stone has an incredibly uniform surface which makes it a very popular choice for flooring. It also integrates wonderfully with cutting-edge motifs. It should be stated nonetheless, that not all natural stone should be treated in exactly the same way. There are many variations of natural stone flooring and each has its benefit in domestic situations – most notably in rooms like kitchens and baths. These places typically receive lots of intense walking and liquids.
The following the most fashionable natural stone tiles on the market today.

Granite is one of the toughest substances in the world. It is extremely solid and stable.
Granite comes in a bunch of varied colors, hues and tints. Together with the standard whites and blacks, granite also occurs in subtle greens, blues, and greys that are really popular in both commercial and residential locations. Because granite is incredibly hard, it can be difficult to size without skill and the correct tools. You could have to get specific equipment to size it, or a better idea would be to call a pro in case you plan on on-site cutting. Granite also pretty heavy – which is an added reason to get professional guidance, and to allocate space in the budget for a qualified installation.
Slate is a highly multipurpose stone that gives a natural, country appearance to any room. Slate could be applied in interiors in addition to outside, making it just the thing to bring the outdoors indoors. All slate has a natural “clefting” along the top that furnishes this stone with its unique coarse, layered appearance. Slate is made with compressed clay and shale, which is very dense. Slate is one floor.

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